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How We Do


We take pride in adoption of agile methodology making the software development process lean and without bureaucracy. Stake holders from your company will be in continuous contact with product manager and team members directly so there is nothing ‘lost in translation’. Our belief in Agile methodology enables collaborative environment ensuring high-quality software in a cost-effective and timely manner to meet stakeholders’ changing needs.

WHY BitMin

Product development has phases of active development when pivots happen and phases of not so active development during validation phases. So its cost effective to not be paying for a full development team at all phases of product. The same applies for a product in maintenance.

Companies can engage local freelancers to overcome the above, but the availability of the freelancer and his/her learning at a later point in time is not assured. Engaging a professional services company in any of the developed economies is expensive and might not be within the budgets of an early stage company.

In a Developer cum Founder company, the Founder frees up to do more activities that translate to success of the product/company than spend time on coding.

BitMin brings learnings from multiple products built for various clients using this platform.