An Introduction to the Architecture of a Cloud Platform

Architecture of a cloud platformPiecing the Cloud Puzzle together:

A Cloud is a comprehensive platform providing services that support application development and hosting. The services offered by a cloud platform may be categorised into fundamental services and higher level services. The higher level services are built on top of the fundamental layer.

Let’s explore the essentials and add-ons of a cloud services  suite:

A. Building-block services

Any self-respecting cloud provider will have these fundamental services in his arsenal

The fundamental services offered by Amazon and Google Cloud platforms are:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Databases

B. Higher-level services

Both vendors also offer higher level Services built on top the core stack of services. The services provided are diverse and mostly meant to make working on cloud easy by offering an additional layer of abstraction or easier management of deployments.

  • Application services

Function: To optimise applications using the cloud.

Examples: AWS SNS and Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

  • Data services

Function: To enable processing of Big Data.

Examples: Amazon Kinesis and Google Cloud Dataflow

  • Management services

Function: To track performance of applications running on the cloud

Examples: Amazon CloudWatch and Google Cloud Monitoring

Both Amazon and Google cloud platforms are backed by a robust set of basic services. But that’s not all! Both are constantly innovating to strengthen core architecture further and add higher level services. Both Amazon and Google recently launched machine learning services as a new product family. Machine Learning is expected to power the next wave of enterprise IT products. Offering such cutting edge tech as a cloud service is the fastest way to mainstream its benefits, as developers everywhere can now build apps that harness its potential.

Google entered the cloud game late, but the Alphabet Inc is not one to be left behind! Google is launching new products at a rapid pace to power the next wave of cloud evolution.

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