Infographic: The Evolution of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing seems like such a recent phenomenon, that not a lot of people realize that cloud computing can be traced back as far back as to the 1950s. When John McCarthy first spoke of computation being delivered as a public utility, it was a distant possibility. 

Today, cloud computing is a living reality; many who probably do not yet realize what cloud computing is, still make use of the services it provides; we spent a part of our lives on the cloud in our virtual avatars. As more and more services reach us via the cloud, the consumption of cloud services will continue to rise. A host of developments paved for the emergence of cloud computing. The onset of enabling technologies namely, the internet, virtualization tech, SOA architectures and widespread broadband access were crucial to the realization of the cloud computing paradigm.

We’ve come up with an infographic that will give you a glimpse into the astounding past of cloud computing – how it began and the path it has taken. One look at its rapid growth curve and you will realize, that a big part of our future lies in the cloud, as well.

Future of Cloud Computing

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Murali Dodda is a Cloud Technology Specialist with over 15 years of experience. He graduated from the prestigious IIT Madras. Murali provides 'technology and business leadership' to startups and has overseen successful exits for several of them. He is currently leading a team of technologists at Bitmin, a hot new startup delivering cloud services. Murali uses his weekends to catch up on the latest developments in technology innovation, product development, and entrepreneurship domains. Being an enthusiastic blogger, he shares exciting developments & his experiences with designing & deploying cloud strategies through his blog. If you want an inside view of cloud deployment for real-world clients, follow this blog.

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